Heimer Family Reunion

July 2-5

Brown County State Park, Indiana


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Many descendants of Roy and Grace Heimer (my paternal grandparents) gathered for a family reunion. 

The Lodge

Grant, Max and Eleanor.


  Julia, Lucy, Gracie, Mom
                     Uncle Roger   Mary, Aunt Nancy, Drew, Aunt Nancy

The Arcade

There was a small arcade in the Lodge.  The kids (and some adults) enjoyed a few games. 

  Eleanor (and Robin) play Max in air Hockey as Hal watches.
David and Grant play ping-pong.


              Eleanor, Robin, and Hal show off their arcade winnings.






Austin, Drew, Emily, and Noah. 

    Stylin' at the Pool!


The Boys' Cabin

The young male cousins shared a cabin and had a great time.



 Horseback Riding






Group Photos

(click one of the small photos to enlarge)




Bumper Sticker

Just to continue the tradition, we checked Julia's car.    New car, un-torn bumper sticker!