Christmas 2005

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The Heimers (David's siblings, their spouses, his nephews, niece, and mother) joined us in Dallas for Christmas and David's Soccer/Birthday Party.  It was a very full house, but everyone pitched in and made it a lot of fun.  Then, on January 1, we had the Copeland Christmas with Cyndy's family.  


Scrabble!  It seems we never get together without a couple of scrabble games.  Uncle Hal and Uncle David, the true "scrabble talents", have retired from the game, passing on our skills and passion for this game to the next generation. 


The weather was amazing.  Christmas day we sunned ourselves by the pool.

What else did we do?  Read, work the crosswords, play on the computers (2:1 ratio of humans to computers.)



Carol, Eleanor, Robin


And we opened presents, of course...



                       Christmas with the Copelands