David's Soccer Birthday Party


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This is the idea for the party:  

1)  Rent an indoor soccer field

2)  One hour of all-ages all-abilities fun soccer game

3)  Party in the party room (video games, pool, foosball, food, drink, conversation, and fun)


This is the 2nd time we've done this.  The last time was in 2000.  This year we invited more

people.  It was a blast!  However, Hal and I both pulled muscles.  Perhaps this is a sign we

should retire...but we're not!    


Shawn, Kevin, and Karen


Grant and Sarah


Mackenzie and Matt


            Andy and Brandon                                  Kelley, Shelby, Eleanor                         Bruce and Dave                       

Kai and Per David and Hal David and Heather


David and Adrienne

Family Teasing David