Trip to NY

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I took Max and a friend of his for a long weekend trip to NY.  We stayed in New York City for two nights, then took the train north to see Hal, Robin, and Eleanor for one night.  Highlights in the pictures below.









 Hayden, David, Max in Times Square


                                             Max, David, Hayden at

                                             The Statue of Liberty




                                      World Trade Center / Ground Zero

 We visited ground zero and arrived just as a press  conference was starting with families of people who died  at the world trade center.  It was a sobering thing to see  so many of them carrying pictures of their loved ones who died. 




 If you ask Max and Hayden what the best part was, they would first say that it was all good (they had a wonderful time!), and then that the VERY best part was buying new skateboards, and skateboarding down to Times Square from our hotel.  












But my favorite was the hike with Hal and Eleanor along the Appalachian trail   The weather was gorgeous and it was a fantastic view.  Robin sent chocolate cookies along and my experience is that everything is better with chocolate chip cookies!