The Fathers' Day Adventure

June 2006


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One of the things my father always stressed to me was the importance of being open to new ideas and seeking new experiences.  So it's appropriate that I always try to have an adventure with Grant and Max for Fathers' Day.  This one was delayed for a couple weeks because of bad weather and Grant's camp.  The delay was worth it; I surprised them with a flying adventure!  We had two flying lessons (one for Grant, one for Max) in a small 4-seat Cessna airplane.  We flew out of Addison Airport, over Dallas Love Field (saw some Southwest jets landing and taking off), around downtown, up I-75 to our neighborhood (identified our house, the twin ponds, and other landmarks), out to Lake Lavon and Lake Ray Hubbard, then finally back to the Airport.  The whole thing took a couple hours.  We thought it was an excellent adventure.  




Downtown Dallas


The Backseat Drivers

It looks like I'm chewing my fingernails, but actually I'm holding
my hand over the microphone so it won't broadcast the wind noise.


Grant at the Helm




Max at the Helm



Another Great Fathers' Day Adventure!