Seattle and Victoria, BC

July 2006

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Cyndy and I went to Seattle, Port Angeles, and Victoria.    



Mount Ranier from the

airplane window. 


In Pike's Market at the original Starbucks








Pike's Market was great:  the smell of fresh fish
being sold, the gorgeous flowers, tons of good, fresh, organic food, and lots of small stores with interesting artsy products.   




Cyndy finds friends  

wherever she goes.



We found an amazing 
Salmon Chowder 




               We had dinner at the Space Needle as the sun set.              



   Mural in Port Angeles


   On the ferry to Victoria

---------------------------------------------- Victoria --------------------------------------------------------------------

                             Top:  British Columbia Parliament Building in Victoria at night from the Inner Harbor.

                             Below:  Similar view in daylight.




 We had a DELICIOUS tea at the James Bay Tea Room in Victoria.  I could easily have tea there every day and never tire of it.