The Father's Day Adventure -- 2008

June 2008


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I try to arrange something fun and different every year for Father's Day.   One of the things I admired about my father was his willingness to try almost anything.  So on Father's Day I honor that spirit by doing something we haven't done together before. I call it the Father's Day Adventure.  

The Trinity river runs through Dallas.  Mostly the Trinity River is ignored except on those rare occasions when it floods the poor sections of Dallas or when the Dallas city council decides to vote on a massive bond project to create “River Front Beautification” or some other scheme to increase the value of property recently purchased by them, their relatives, friends, and other closely held businesses.  But I digress…  Trinity River Expeditions provides canoes and a very knowledgeable guide to lead expeditions on the river.  So Grant, Max and I took a tour for the Father’s Day Adventure.  It was fun.  We got some exercise (paddling into the wind was tough!) and we got a bit muddy.  The river is more secluded and more beautiful than I anticipated.  Other than the other 8 or so people on the tour, we saw only two other people (fishing) the whole trip.  It’s easy to forget you’re in a city.  We saw an amazing number of interesting birds, animals, and fish.  We chased frogs, skipped stones, and had a good time!