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These are some pictures that are childhood favorites for various reasons.  They're in no particular order.

David Heimer and Owl

 1959. About 6 months old.  On the boat to Belgium.  I'm pretty sure those are my Mom's feet. 

My Owl and me -- about 1968 - 1969.  This was taken at the mission station, Ndesha, that we lived at in Congo.  The owl is still a baby.  Regrettably he only lived a couple months.  I was really fond of him -- he was a great animal.  I kept him in my room.  Sometimes in the middle of the night he would wake me up with some soft "hoots". 


David Heimer in Paris 1969 - Summer.  On the way back from Congo, my parents and I had a week in Paris and London.  My Dad took this picture.  It was a wonderful experience, and I am forever grateful that my parents did this with me. 


I love this picture of my family.  I THINK this was taken in 1959 in Lexington, Kentucky.  I think I look about 5 months old.  Left to right... Haldor Heimer (my Dad), Carol Heimer (my Sister), Ruth Heimer (my Mom), and Hal Heimer (my Brother).  
  I took this picture of my Dad in 1971, I think, in the UMH "Hotel" in Kinshasa.  This would have been just after our return to Congo.  I remember taking this picture with my Dad's new Polaroid camera.  I wanted to try the camera, and as he typically did, he let me.  Then he let me keep the picture.  The veneer of the picture's pretty badly cracked now.  It was one of the pictures that I always had with me in my dorm room at boarding school and when I went away to college.  It's a good picture of my Dad, and the memory of taking the picture is dear to me.