Heimer Family Photos

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The Father's Day Adventure 2010 (June)

Max and David Visit Aunt Arlene

Cyndy's Birthday 2010 (Oct)

Thanksgiving 2010 (Nov)


Easter                                                   The Young Men Have Birthdays

Florida Vacation                                     Grant's Graduation

The Father's Day Adventure 2009          San Francisco Vacation & Wedding 

Blaze Turns 10!



Valentine's Day (Feb)                              Cell Phone Violence (May)                           

Birthday Boys (Feb)                                Father's Day Adventure (June)

Arizona Trip (April)                               Heather's Wedding (July)

A Tale of Two Pictures (Aug)                   Out With Friends (Aug)

Decluttering My Desk                              Cyndy's Birthday Tea Party (Oct)

Christmas                                                 David's Birthday




Birthdays for Grant and Max (Feb)                   Spring Break in London (March)

Granny's Birthday (June)                                  Kyle and Gail Knapp Visit Us

Car Envy (November)                                        Thanksgiving

New Office Party (November)                          Christmas



Leaving Workplace Learning (January)             Andromeda's Goodbye Party (February)

Birthdays for Grant and Max (Feb)                Kai and JJ in Sacramento (April)

Easter (April)                                                Frank Turns 50! (April)  

Mothers' Day (May)                                      The Fathers' Day Adventure   

Seattle & Victoria (July)                               Some Birthday Events    

Christmas 2006       



Birthday Boys (February)

Painting the Study (March)                            Max's Baptism (April)

Cottonwood Art Festival (Mothers' Day)         Misc Phone Photos (May-June)

Santa Fe (June)                                             Fourth of July

Opening Night at FC Dallas                            70's & 80's Costume Party

Trip to NY (October)                                    Thanksgiving

Putting Up Christmas Lights                            Christmas 

David's Soccer Birthday Party                        New Year's Eve                      



Max's Crossing Over Ceremony                       Snow!                

Birthday Boys!                                               Aunt Carol Visits -- Feb 2004  

Dave E's 50th B-Day Party                            Spring Break in LA                                       

 Turner Falls -- Fathers' Day                         Heimer Family Reunion (July 2-5)                      

Copeland Family Reunion                                 Thanksgiving

Christmas Parties                                            Christmas



 Max and David At A Stars' Game                  Mavericks Game on Feb 15 2003

 Grant and David In San Francisco                  Arsenal 4v4 Tournament

 Mother's Day 2003                                       Max as Harry Potter

 Teeters-Smith Wedding 9/13/03                    Cyndy and Friends in the West End

Grant and David at a Mavericks' Game            The Texas State Fair: Cyndy, David, and Max

 20th Wedding Anniversary!                            Christmas Holidays


25th High School Reunion              Christmas Vacation 2002  



2001 Heimer Family Reunion          Ruth Heimer's 80th Birthday Party


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