My Mom

Ruth Duggins Heimer


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 This is my Mom when she was about 5, around 1926, with her Dad and siblings.  She's the cute little girl on the right in front of her brother, George Duggins.  She looks a bit impish to me, but my Grandmother said Mom was very well-behaved, but then what else would she have told me? 

This was taken shortly after my parents were married in 1948, I think


Left to right:  Likete, the dog, my brother Hal, my sister Carol, my Dad Hal, Nkonkoi Paul (a African child who was orphaned and taken in by my family), and my mom, Ruth. 

  Another picture of Nkonkoi Paul & Mom.    Nkonkoi was adopted by some close  relatives of his. 


This is the Heimer family in 1959.  Left to right... My dad Hal, my sister Carol, my mom Ruth (holding me) and my brother Hal



Mom and her first grandson, Kai Heimer Stinchcombe, in Norway in 1983.  She and Dad were visiting Carol, Art, and Kai in Norway.

My mom loves to do crosswords, and she's very good at them.  She's passed on her love of them to her grandson Grant (my son!).  They're working one together here in our kitchen in Dallas in 2001. 


We had a big birthday party for my mom's 80th birthday.  Whew -- candle blindness -- it took three cakes to hold them all!  Left to right:  my sister Carol, my aunt Nancy, Mom, my son (her grandson) Max, I Don't Know, and me.  August, 2001. 

My wonderful Mom!  2002



 Mom sings in the choir at Robin Run.   
 This was at the Robin Run festival in
 September 2007.