Grant, Max, and David in LA

Spring Break, March, 2004


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On the weekend of March 12 Grant, Max, and I had a small vacation in LA.   It was our spring break.  Grant was off the week before, and Max’s spring break was the week after.  So we took off the weekend in between.  Unfortunately Cyndy had to work, so she stayed in Dallas, though she seemed rather pleased with the prospect of having the house and most of the weekend to herself. 

Friday we flew to LA, rented a Mustang convertible, and drove to our hotel on Ocean Boulevard in Santa Monica.  Santa Monica’s a suburb on the ocean side of LA.  Our hotel was a half block from the Santa Monica pier and the beach.



Shortly after checking in, we walked across the street and took this picture overlooking the Santa Monica pier.  The weather was great so we rented bikes and rode south to 









Venice beach.  It was a fun ride.  There’s a really wide paved bike path that made it easy to bike, and there are lots of attractions along the way.  We stopped a couple times to watch skate boarders.  At Venice Beach, Grant and Max created a sand castle. 





On Saturday we went to Catalina Island.   It’s about an hour by boat from San Pedro, and San Pedro is about an hour south of Santa Monica.  When we got to Avalon (the small town on Catalina) we rented bikes and biked up the mountain road as far as we were allowed.  THEN we coasted down, which was tremendous fun!  It was about a 30 minute bike ride up (with plenty of stops) and then a 10 minute ride down. 

This is at the end of the road, before the long coast down.

 Catalina was beautiful!  It looked like it could be a good romantic getaway or a good family vacation.  We only spent a few hours there, so mostly we just looked around.





I wouldn’t be adequately describing our vacation without a word or two on the Mustang convertible.  Renting it was a key component of the kids’ plan for our vacation.   Unfortunately, when we arrived at the rental counter they only had Sebring convertibles and the kids were massively disappointed.  The counter agent said there was nothing he could do.  But we were not deterred.  While Max watched our bags Grant and I searched the rental return lines and located 3 Mustang convertibles.  We approached and discussed this with the counter agent who agreed to get us one if we were willing to wait.  We were, and we ended up with a white Mustang convertible.  The weather was really nice so we had a lot of “top down” time. 




Sunday we drove up into the mountains in and around Malibu. What incredible views!  It was surprisingly hot when we moved above the cloud cover.

I don’t have pictures, but we went to the Starbucks in Malibu where we saw a bunch of expensive Ferrari’s and one movie star – Dick Van Dyke. 

 Monday morning we had to get up early and catch a flight back to Dallas.  We had a great time.