The Fred B. Jones Archive

My friend Fred B. Jones is a traveler and adventurer.  He shares his adventures with those of us on his distribution list via email and digital photos.  I have a great appreciation for his writing, for his cultural sensitivities, for his open and candid manner.  I sincerely believe his email deserves greater distribution, and I have been on him several times to update his web site.  Finally I decided to take matters into my own hands and post his email here.  I hope he won't mind... 

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Ljubljana (July)      Ljubljana II (July)        Madrid (Nov 23)    Portugal (Nov 27)

Gibraltar (Dec 5)    Tangier (Dec 18)            Senegal (Dec 29)


Cambodia (May)           Good Morning Vietnam (May)        Mongolia (July)        Tibet (July)

India (September)      Behind the Veil (Pakistan September)    Russia (October)



The Adventure Begins (January)     Guatemala and Antigua (February)