Turner Falls, OK

Fathers' Day -- June, 2004


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I'm trying to develop a tradition for Fathers's Day.  My idea is that we need to do something out of doors, something memorable, and include at least some minor adventure.  In 2002 we went for a long bike ride on the newly opened bike trails by our house.  In 2003 we went on a hike.  So we needed an adventure for Fathers' Day.   Turner Falls has hiking and swimming, and we had never been there before, so it was perfect.  Grant, Max, and I went with our friends (names removed to protect the innocent.)  It turned out to be a perfect adventure and we all had a marvelous time.  

The Hiking

We braved the rain, then took a short hike by the main swimming hole, and up into the surrounding hills.  Very pretty! 

Then we opted for a hike by the Castle (closed to the public!) and the falls.  The hiking was more strenuous here and we got to explore a small cave that looks out over the falls (not good for those troubled by heights). 


Name removed

Grant and Max

                    Max and Grant (above)         Anonymous hikers  (right)






In the cave that looks over the falls. 



    Max and David in the cave.


This gives you some idea of the height of the cave.  This was taken from the cave.  You can see our friends under the tree by the water. 

The Swimming Hole

After hiking, we went swimming.  The water was REALLY cold, but it felt great after our hot hike.  The water's not very deep or swift, but there is a current, a few small dams, a diving board, a great slide (that's {name removed}'s splash below!), and a very small beach area. 

The Scenic Overlook

On our way out we stopped by the "scenic overlook".  You can see the cave in some of the photos of the falls.  We had a wonderful time.  We're thinking about going back, renting a cabin, and staying for a couple of days.