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David Heimer

Vice President, Products and Technology
Trinity Workplace Learning
972-309-4756 (voice)  NO LONGER VALID
david.heimer@trinitylearning.com  -- NO LONGER VALID

In his capacity as Vice President of Products and Technology, Mr. Heimer is responsible for Information Technology and Product Development for Trinity Workplace Learning. This includes business systems, SAP, customer-facing systems, web development, accreditation systems, publishing, video products, CBT, and e-learning.

Since joining Workplace Learning in 1997, Mr. Heimer and his team led the 11-month implementation of SAP, integrated business acquisitions, reorganized the IT function, implemented and developed PRIMEnet utilizing the Docent learning management system, managed the tremendous growth of PRIMEnet and the accompanying e-learning support teams.

Prior to joining Workplace Learning, Mr. Heimer led the IT function at Air System Components for five years where he consolidated 5 disparate systems into one cohesive ERP system. Before that he was in the IT department of Lennox International for 11 years where he rose through the application programming ranks and became Manager of Data Administration.

Mr. Heimer earned a Master of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Texas Christian University.

Although Mr. Heimer is a very poor soccer player he fails to understand why he was never offered a professional soccer contract. To compensate for this he regularly attends Dallas Burn games and offers friendly advice to the referees and opposing teams. Spare yourself and don't ask him how the Burn did this year.